Isle of Man building site death

by Alex on May 3, 2013

Crime Scene

Photo: Alan Cleaver

The BBC has the following report on the latest death in the UK’s building industry:

A report into the death of a man on a building site in the Isle of Man could take months to complete, according to the government.

Gareth Sowden, a construction worker from Douglas, died on Wednesday following an accident in Kirk Michael.

The 55-year-old was part of a team working on the sewage treatment works on Balleira Road in the village.

Bernard Warden, from the Health and Safety Inspectorate, said the investigation may take six months.

He added: “We are working to create a full picture of all of the parties involved in this project- the client, the designers and the onsite contractors.

“Once we have this information we will establish whether or not appropriate consideration was given to health and safety during the planning and design phases and them on into the construction phase itself. We will soon be making arrangements to interview all the witnesses.”

The government said that Mr Sowden died after “one of the larger components to be included in the treatment plant, fell on to him.”

The building site in the west of the island remains closed.

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