5 Apps to get you safely to your construction site through the Tube strike

by Alex on April 28, 2014



Another tube strike appears to be upon us, with London businesses and construction sites likely to be affected by worker absenteeism we thought we present a handy guide to a couple of apps to ensure your workers have the best change of making it in!

1. If you’re driving in and need to up to date information on the mess on the road, think about using an app called Waze. This app gathers real time information on whats happening on the road, submitted by the people driving around you – hopefully when they’re only updating the info when stationary though!

2. Once you’ve found the fastest route to work in your car or van, you may find your short on parking space! Parkatmyhouse is a parking app letting you book a parking space before you get into town – you can search driveways, garages, car parks and book a parking from half an hour to over a year – but hopefully the tube strike doesn’t last that long!

3. No car to get around town? How about a cab then? Uber is providing 50% off all split fares. You’ll need to use the promo code KEEPLONDONMOVING when booking the car, but we think this will be the cheapest and fastest taxi service available. You could try Hailo or Kabee too if you found no cars available.

4. Barclays Bikes is an even cheaper alternative, cycling around town to get to your next meeting is easy once you know where the drop off spaces are.

5. Failing all of this, you could always use your trusted old legs – Citymapper is the best app for London travel, weighing up all transport types to tell you the fastest route.

How ever you end up making it into work, ensure you travel safe and give yourself enough time to spare – rushing is one of the main causes of accidents when getting around London.

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