On Demand Lunch-and-Learn webinar series: How has Covid accelerated digitalisation in construction and health & safety?

February 12, 2021

Marketing Manager

In the past three-part Lunch-and-Learn webinar series, our EHS expert and industry professionals shared their experience on digital transformation in times of Covid-19.

We explored digital innovation in construction, how to choose the right software for you, and how to successfully implement it within your organisation.

On-demand webinars:

Covid catalyst: accelerating digital transformation in construction

Watch our first webinar on demand here: https://bit.ly/3kziiqO

Although digitalisation has been affecting all aspects of society and life, Covid-19 has kicked the construction industry's transformation into fifth gear. Innovative ways of doing business are no longer a luxury - they are a necessity. 

A recent survey from RICS showed that digital transformation is now a priority for 72% of construction firms worldwide

As a technology firm innovating health and safety practices, we will draw upon the expertise of our team and our EHS consultant Rob Bullen  - plus expect to see some exciting guest appearances!

- Where digital transformation has already helped businesses
- What the benefits are in digitalisation and how can you use this in your business cases
- How digital product can improve your H&S services
- The next steps in digital transformation

Cloud-based SaaS software: what is it and is it right for my organisation?

Watch our second webinar on demand here: https://bit.ly/38tqiEZ

Software as a Service and cloud computing might seem like industry buzzwords - and while HandsHQ fits the description, what does it actually mean? What are the benefits and common misconceptions? Join us on week 2 of our 3-part webinar series to explore using SaaS for your H&S solutions.

 By attending, you will gain the following insight:

- What is a cloud-based, SaaS solution?
- What are the benefits of using a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution
- Data protection - how to make sure you're safe in the cloud
- What to look out for when choosing a software

More than just software: how to successfully implement digital change in H&S

Watch our third webinar on demand here: https://bit.ly/3sAQ9Tj

Digitalising your business never means just throwing a computer with some software at your organisation and hoping for the best. Successful change requires careful consideration of human and organisational factors - and a bit of hard work.

As famous software executive, Michael Abrash, once said:

It's not the ideas; it's design, implementation and hard work that make the difference”.

watch our final part webinar series to explore how correct implementation and good training makes all the difference:

- Factors that affect onboarding
- Tips when onboarding software
- How training should be managed
- Final thoughts from customer success team

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