Content library update: Carpentry plant machinery

by Alex on July 27, 2017

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We’ve made some changes to the risk assessment library to include more risk assessments surrounding carpentry plant machinery. The list of new risk assessments shown below can be found under the plant and equipment section in the risk assessment library:

  • Dovertailer machine risk assessment
  • Hand­ fed planing machines risk assessment
  • Tenoning machines risk assessment
  • Pillar drill risk assessment
  • Horizontal beam and vertical panel saws risk assessment
  • Spindle moulding machines risk assessment
  • Circular saw benches risk assessment
  • Planner and thicknesser risk assessment
  • Four-sided moulding machine risk assessment
  • Mortising machine risk assessment
  • Power operated cross-cut saws risk assessment
  • CNC machine risk assessment
  • Operating bandsaw risk assessment

Remember, whilst we provide some of the baseline level of information in our content library, you should always tailor to your site specifics or joinery workshop.

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