Corporate Manslaughter Cases Increased 40% in 2012

by Alex on February 22, 2013

The scales of justice

Sky news has reported “the number of new corporate manslaughter cases opened by the Crown Prosecution Services has spiked by 40% in a year. The research shows there has been an increase in charges from 45 in 2011, to 63 in 2012. In total 141 cases have been opened since 2009, with 56 prosecutions currently ongoing”

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 came into force in April 2008 and is a landmark in law. For the first time, companies and organisations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in a gross breach of a duty of care.

The Act concentrates on the way in which the organisation’s activities are managed or organised, commonly referred to as a “management failure”, and whether that caused the death and was a gross breach of a relevant duty of care.

Sky News also reported that “the figures hinted that the scale of potential corporate manslaughter cases may be much higher and the three convictions so far are just the tip of an iceberg.”

“Corporate manslaughter cases are very complex and can take a long time to come to trial. We can now see from these figures that there are a rapidly growing number of cases in the pipeline.”

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