Erecting hoarding on your next job? Read this first!

by Alex on November 28, 2013

Photo: Andy Matthews

The Temporary Works Forum have released a great document providing guidance on how to install hoarding around a construction site, providing information on loads, correct materials, foundation and security.

Site Hoardings are common features, particularly in populated areas. However, despite their temporary and incidental nature they are important structures, often of some height, and attracting significant loads. They have been known to collapse and cause both death and injury.

This guidance note is written to assist all parties involved in construction understand the key issues, and to give specific assistance to those specifying, managing, designing and installing these structures.

Hoarding design can be complex and will need engineering judgement. The designer should have a level of competence commensurate with the complexity. All hoarding designs should be independently checked.

If your looking for assistance about how to erect hoardings for your next job, TWF is a great place learn about current best practices. The link can be found here

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