Introducing our latest feature: Custom Risk Matrix

by Jamie Carruthers on March 22, 2017

Our goal is to provide customers of all sizes with a platform that perfectly fits the way they want to work. Until now, HANDS HQ has solely utilised an industry-standard, 5×5 risk matrix, which works perfectly for 95% of businesses, but some of our larger customers have more complex requirements.

As a result, we’re excited to announce that our latest feature, Custom Risk Matrix, is now available.

Any 3×3 or 5×5 matrix can be added, with any labels, values and colour-coding of your choice.

Our standard 5×5 risk matrix can be completely customised

Available on Enterprise plans

The Custom Risk Matrix feature is available to Enterprise customers as an add-on. To find out more, log in and send us a message, or call us on 020 7754 0487.

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