Introducing Risk Register: the definitive place to manage your organisation’s risk assessments

by Leslie McArdle on July 16, 2018

At HANDS HQ we focus on making the risk assessment process painless. Over the past five years, we have frequently heard that there is a disconnect between the health & safety teams creating and maintaining master risk assessments and the project teams who continue to use old versions, regardless of the fact they’re out of date.

This lack of version control can lead to out of date risk assessments being used, missing critical safety information, and crucially putting your business at risk.

Introducing: Risk Register

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest product – Risk Register, designed to help health & safety managers take control of the risk assessment process.

Risk Register is the definitive place for health & safety teams to manage their risk assessments. Documents are created, edited and reviewed within the Risk Register and are then available to project teams within RAMS app from HANDS HQ.

When a change has been made to a document within the Risk Register, the project team is alerted that the version they are using is out of date. Risk Register gives health & safety teams confidence that workers on site will create high-quality, compliant, project-specific RAMS every time.

Reviewing made easy

Risk Register delivers the added benefit of streamlining the review process for health & safety teams. Spending weeks auditing and visiting sites to track down paper versions of risk assessments will become a thing of the past. Risk Register is not only a library of your most up to date documents, but it also provides the ability to download older versions should they be needed for the audit process.

“Risk Register is key to our ISO 45001 preparedness – putting all our risks in one place makes auditing and control simple.” – Allison Connick, National Director, HSE at Integral UK

And with the ability to assign risk assessments to specific team members with a review date, Risk Register makes it easy to stay on top of updating your document library. Additionally, the platform captures who, when and why each risk assessment was updated, providing evidence of continuous improvement in health & safety management.

To find out more, or book a personalised demo of Risk Register, check out the product page.

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