New feature: Digital in-person signatures

by Leslie McArdle on May 14, 2018

For many of our customers, getting personnel sign-off on RAMS is an essential part of their workflow, providing evidence the workforce has seen and accepted the safe system of work.

But, for many, this process can be laborious. Often, RAMS will have to be printed out and taken to site to obtain all the signatures that are needed. RAMS get lost, an outdated version of the document is signed, and signatures can easily be forged.

Going paperless with Digital Signatures

To combat this, last year we announced the launch of our Digital Signatures feature, which helps customers make the shift to a paperless workflow.

Once a RAMS is created with HANDS HQ,  the document is emailed to the personnel involved for them to review and sign.

You can see at a glance who has opened the document, who has signed and when.

Any time there is a major change to the document, new signatures can be obtained.

Introducing: In-person signatures

However, not everyone on site has easy access to an email address. That’s why we are now launching the ability to capture a signature, in person.

Designed for use with a tablet, personnel sign RAMS and take a photo using the device’s camera to provide evidence that they were present for the signature.

Go paperless, easily create an audit trail and demonstrate compliance using Digital and In-person signatures from HANDS HQ.

Interested in trying it out? Get started here today.



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