New feature: take control of your risk assessment library with content editing

by Leslie McArdle on September 4, 2018

Creating and storing a library of risk assessments and method statements in a shared folder your team can use may seem straightforward. But time and again we hear that despite having a shared library in place, teams return to old RAMS from previous projects as the starting point for new ones.

As a result, out of date documents that aren’t project-specific continue to cross the desks of health & safety managers on a daily basis. It’s impossible to update material company-wide after a near-miss or accident.

The latest feature of HANDS HQ delivers the power of content control to the hands of health & safety managers.

Available within our custom packages, content editing provides the ability to add new, or edit existing, material within the library.

HANDS HQ standard templates, or your custom content, can be completely tailored to meet your business’ needs

Amending master risk assessments, method statements (incl. default images), and the sequence of operations in the platform is simple. Changes are instant; the latest version becomes the default content used in the field to create site-specific material.

A bespoke library that gives not only control but also the ability to create site-specific documents in minutes, with less rejection. Ready to get started with content editing? Find out more here.

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